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This is just a PSA to let anyone who checks this Tumblr know that I’m back in school now, so I’ll be super busy most of the time and probably won’t be able to work on Oxcraft all that much.

Sorry, there’s no ETA on a 1.3.2 release, but you can use Oxcraft dev5 with 1.3.2 servers and worlds at least, so hopefully this isn’t too big of a deal.

Oxcraft dev5_1.3.1 (release)

The actual release of dev5_1.3.1 is here! There are only two changes between this version and the prerelease:

  • The “MORE” button on the Controls menu has been fixed.
  • A major bug with Xray where most blocks wouldn’t show up is fixed (plus a minor rendering bug from MC1.2.5 has been fixed so that snow, portal blocks, and redstone repeaters render correctly when Xray is on).

Download it here:

Oxcraft dev5 for MC1.3.1 (prerelease)

I have successfully moved Oxcraft onto Minecraft 1.3.1! There are still a few minor bugs floating around and a lot of disabled features, but this prerelease is pretty much good to go. Nothing else was changed that wasn’t pertinent to the update.

Known problems:

  • All commands that were singleplayer-only are now unavailable, with the error message “Command not available in multiplayer.”. I made it do this because singleplayer in MC1.3.1 is now run as a private multiplayer server, and none of the commands would work without being rewritten. Luckily, if you enable cheats on your singleplayer world, you can use Mojang’s commands to do a lot of the same stuff.
  • For the same reasons, the mob spawning menu is unavailable. Some other problems came up in that menu, so I might end up getting rid of it in favor of mob spawning commands.
  • The “MORE” button on the Controls options page is now partially hidden behind the “Done” button. This will definitely be fixed soon.
  • I haven’t checked, but there’s a good chance that steps will always be visible when Xray is on.

Download it here:

Oxcraft dev4.2

I know I said I was gonna do a code freeze because of Minecraft’s impending update to 1.3, but I just really felt like coding. This version adds a new tool called Locate. When enabled, Locate shows a list of all other players the server has told the client about. They are sorted by proximity and the distance is displayed next to the name. The closer they are, the redder their name will be and the more “<” there will be between their name and the distance.

Download it here:

Oxcraft dev4.1

Oxcraft dev4.1 is here with some minor bug fixes:

  • When Kill Aura is on, you will no longer auto-punch any of your buddies who have capital letters in their name
  • When you disable Freecam with the key binding, it will teleport you back to where you were (this already worked for the “.freecam” command). If you don’t want to teleport back, you can do “.freecam stay”.

Download it here:

Oxcraft dev4

Here is Oxcraft dev4:

This is a smaller update, and it is almost certainly the last update for Minecraft 1.2.5. Seeing as 1.3 comes out Wednesday, I should probably force myself to do a code freeze.

The biggest addition in this update is a half-baked Nuke mod. Nuke mod auto-breaks any block within a 8x8x8 cube surrounding you. You tell it which block IDs to break and it rapidly kills them. The commands work exactly like the Xray commands: “.nuke” to toggle, “.nuke <add/rem> <block>” to edit the block list. For some reason I didn’t copypasta the code from “.xray list” like I did for the add/rem commands, so there is no list command for Nuke.

Nuke mod is currently very buggy due to me writing it in its own separate thread and not doing synchronization because I hate making large edits to Minecraft’s code. Nuke mod can occasionally crash its own thread (which you can fix simply by turning it off and back on) or even the game. If you ever need it, you can forcibly end the Nuke thread with “.nuke kill”.

In this version, I also squished all the buttons in the client controls menu closer together so that they don’t end up hidden behind the Done button. I also added Auto Pilot and NoPush (which still doesn’t work) to the controls menu in case you want to have a keyboard shortcut for them, but by default they aren’t bound to any key.

I also added a command “.spawnmob” to open the mob spawning menu. This gives you the option to remove the mob spawning menu’s key binding without having to completely get rid of it.

Oh yeah and I replaced Minecraft’s logo on the main menu with a terrible Oxcraft logo. I’ll make it pretty later I guess… Otherwise, that’s all that’s new here. A super buggy nuke mod and some minor controls and visual changes. See you in Minecraft 1.3!

Moved to Tumblr!

I have now decided to start posting updates for Oxcraft on this Tumblr so I just have one place I can send anyone who wants it to. All the posts that are dated from before this one were originally posted on a programming group on Facebook.

Oxcraft dev3

Oxcraft dev 3!

- Transparent xray. Change the opacity with “.xray opac <0-255>” (70-90 is a good place to try)
- Experimental autopilot mode! Type “.auto” and your player will take on a mind of his own. Currently he just looks around, and swims if he’s in water. Could be useful for AFK? idfk

- BlockPlace now can work with NoCheatPlus when NoCheat mode is on (toggle NoCheat mode with “.nocheat”)

Bug fixes:
- The item command now works (“.i <id>[:damage] <quantity>”). Only supports IDs at the moment, names coming soon
- Jesus mode now works (walking on water/lava)

…I feel like there was more, but maybe not. I spent a while playing around with more stuff for xray mode that didn’t end up working, so maybe I’m just thinking of that. Whatever, enjoy!

Oxcraft dev2.5

Oxcraft dev2.5 is here! (it would be dev3, but it’s kinda a small update, plus I forgot to change the main menu label to “dev3”).

The most complex addition is a command to spam the server with a chat message. The syntax is “.spam <count>[,delay=50] <message>”. So if you wanted to send “hello world” five times at the default rate of fire, you’d do “.spam 5 hello world”. If you wanted to send “herpa derpa derp” twenty times, once every 100 milliseconds (instead of at the default rate of 50), you’d do “.spam 20,100 herpa derpa derp” (it’s important that there’s no space between “20,” and “100”).

Dev2.5 also adds a “.say <message>” command to send any chat message to the server (this is useful if you need to prove that you don’t have a hacked client, so that you can send the message “.derp” or whatever without the client intercepting that message as a command”).

It also adds the command “.bc”, which sends a blank chat message (i.e. the string “”). This isn’t really useful at all (in fact, some servers will detect this and put a warning in the console about it); it’s just something you can’t do with a vanilla client that I felt like adding.

This version also adds experimental autopilot mode (command: “.auto”). Using Minecraft’s spiffy new AI manager, it makes you automatically look around and swim up if you’re in water (this is useful for staying safe when AFK, I guess). Hopefully in a future build, your player will also randomly wander around when in autopilot (this will require me to write a new AI class because the pre-existing class for wandering is made to work with EntityCreatures only, and EntityPlayerSP is not an EntityCreature).

Also, Freecam will now record your location when you turn it on, and teleport you back there when you turn it off (so that you don’t get kicked for hacking). If you don’t want to be teleported back, then you can do “.freecam stay” or hold the sneak key while you press the freecam key (it occurs to me now that I haven’t actually tested the sneak-holding thing yet, hopefully it works…).

This build also adds the toggle for Jesus mode that doesn’t work yet, and there’s a bit of code lying around from a failed attempt to make NoPush work as well. Isn’t that just so helpful!

I think next I’ll either research making Jesus work and/or add Nuker. I’m also planning on lovingly ripping off Nick’s transparency and name stuff for Xray soon, so that should be good.

Comment from July 19 at 11:06pm:

A download link might be useful, now wouldn’t it?

Oxcraft dev2

Here is a new build of Oxcraft (dev2). This time I was less lazy and actually put it in a JAR, so all you gotta do is plop it in your bin folder and rename it:

This version adds the commands: “.drop” (drops your currently held item stack item by item really fast — can make others lag online, but you’ll be fine if you turn on NoRender), “.up [distance]” (teleport vertically, works online but you get kicked if you go more than 10 blocks), “.heal [#]” (heals you # of half-hearts, SP only), “.weather <sunny/stormy>” (change the weather, SP only).

Dev2 also adds configs that store your buddy names (buddies are usernames of people who get capes and who won’t be punched by Kill Aura) and the list of blocks that will be visible when Xray is on (you can play with configs in-game using “.config <load/save>”, but they load and save automatically so you shouldn’t need to use that). The configs are kept in .minecraft/oxcraft; buddies.xml holds your buddy list as well as the URL of the cape all your buddies get, and I already said what xrayblocks.xml holds.

Speaking of Xray, this build also fixes the bug with Xray where a lot of non-cube blocks (i.e. snow, ladders, tall grass, etc) would be visible when they weren’t supposed to. There are also now more commands for Xray; “.xray <add/rem> <ID>” adds/removes blocks to your visible blocks list (you can specify the block ID or its name, but if you use the name, you have to use the weird Notchian names — oreCoal, blockDiamond, stoneMoss, etc.). There’s also “.xray list”, which shows you what blocks you currently have on your visible block list.

This build also adds FullBright (the default key is B and the command is “.bright”) and a bunch of random bug fixes (i.e. doing “.nofall” used to toggle Spider mode, the buddies thing had a bug where you could have duplicate names). I’ll post the source code when im less tired (daaaamn i just stayed up til 6am coding minecraft).

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